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Are you ready to stand out as a leader in the interior design industry?

Elevate your firm's presence by applying for a place in Interior Design's esteemed Giants of Design ranking.

Unlock unprecedented insights and growth opportunities, and shape the future of design.

What is Interior Design Giants of Design?

For nearly five decades, Interior Design's Giants of Design ranking has celebrated the accomplishments of the foremost interior design firms both in the United States and internationally. Giants of Design firms represent the forefront of design innovation and thought leadership.

The 2024 rankings will include: Top 100 Giants of Design, Rising Giants of Design, Healthcare Giants of Design, Hospitality Giants of Design, Sustainability Giants of Design, and International Giants of Design.

Why should my firm apply to be a Giants of Design?

Being recognized as a Giant of Design is a remarkable opportunity to amplify your firm's visibility within the A+D community. Throughout the year, Giants of Design firms enjoy heightened exposure in Interior Design magazine and on The opportunity not only brings unparalleled recognition for your firm but also grants you access to a wealth of invaluable resources to drive your firm's success.

How does my firm secure a place among the 2024 Giants of Design? 

Our prestigious Giants of Design rankings are based on insights gathered by participating firms during the annual Giants of Design survey, which is meticulously curated by ThinkLab— the research division of SANDOW DESIGN GROUP. Applying comes at no cost to you but, by signing up, your firm agrees to contribute to ThinkLab's comprehensive Giants of Design survey. The survey is open from September 16, 2024, to November 15, 2024.

Unlock exclusive benefits as a Giants of Design firm:
  • Showcase Your Influence: Immerse your firm in the limelight by being prominently featured in the dedicated Interior Design magazine issue, spotlighting your design prowess to a global audience.

  • Shape the Future: Step into an exclusive community of design visionaries and tastemakers who wield significant influence in shaping the built environment.

  • Ignite Growth: Discover invaluable educational opportunities and research that empower your firm to make informed business decisions. 

  • Unveil Industry Insights: Gain exclusive access to the highly anticipated Design Industry Outlook Report. This report offers year-over-year benchmarks, industry growth forecasts, staff outlooks, and more to guide your firm's strategic direction.

  • Participate in Exclusive Industry Spotlights: Seize opportunities at esteemed industry gatherings, including engaging Interior Design and ThinkLab roundtables, enlightening digital seminars, and initiatives that foster impactful discussions.

  • Access to Inspiring Connections: Experience the pinnacle of networking at the exclusive Giants of Design conference—a three-day gathering where thought leaders forge connections and draw inspiration that will shape the future of design.

  • Display Your Distinction: Showcase your distinction with official digital assets, ready to amplify your status as a Giant of Design across promotional and marketing materials.

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